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Join Jose Antonio Arcos in his visit to Jorge’s farm who, a few campaigns ago, decided to bet on ITC’s innovative fertigation control and dosing equipment.

The use of dosing pumps has allowed him to continue watering from the reservoir, perfectly reaching the drippers at the highest elevation of the farm without the need to replace the existing water pump or add a second Booster pump, because the injection through dosing pumps does not generate any pressure loss in the network, as it did happen with the venturis system that he had installed.



Jorge quickly became familiar with the irrigation and fertigation configuration, and very soon he began to daily manage the equipment through his mobile phone, having a complete command of the APP functions, with which he can configure the EC and pH setpoints wherever he is. In addition, thanks to the new system these setpoints are reached in a few seconds and remain stable throughout the entire irrigation cycle.

The intuitive use of the APP and the possibility of obtaining simple reports of water and fertilizer consumption facilitate the management of the farm without the need for periodic calibrations, since the dosed volumes always have the planned balance and are predefined in the programs.



The fertigation equipment using several dosing pumps controlled from a WATER CONTROLLER 3000 programmer allow the management of irrigation and fertilizer in the usual cultivation systems in Almeria, reducing the volumes of fertilizer, dosing with volumetric precision and reading EC and pH parameters in a fast and stable way.

The equipment can apply very dilute solutions, as it is traditionally done in Almería, or almost saturated solutions such as liquid fertilizers, being a suitable choice for the transition or the simultaneous use of both types of fertilizer. The range of action from 1 to 100% of the pump’s maximum flow with a frequency inverter has made it possible for Jorge to adapt, with the same products, from plantation to maximum demand.



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