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Technology has conquered everything. It is impossible to think of any sector that has not been influenced by technological progress and digitalization.

Even agriculture has not been able to resist the charms of the new era. We talk about Agriculture 4.0, Smart Agro technology and the concepts of AgroTech, AgTech and Smart Farming. But what does all this new current mean within the agrarian sector?

4 Keys to understanding Agriculture 4.0

  • It is an inevitable consequence of the digital era. The future is closely linked to technology and the survival of companies in the sector will depend on how they have managed to transform their business model.
  • The lack of resources is a factor to be taken into account. The agrarian technology is an ally to foresee, analyze and implement new strategies for efficient water management or other resources.
  • Connectivity is not as an additional value, but an indispensable requirement. IoT technologies are the key to reach maximum connectivity.
  • Sensorization is the key. The power of data processing and collection data (Big Data) will help us to optimize and have a better performance.

Precision Agriculture

It is true that it may be necessary to renew processes, invest in R & D and bet on new technologies. Is it the end of traditional agriculture?

The new digital age should not be seen as an obstacle, but as an opportunity.

Smart farming allows for greater precision and therefore a substantial saving of resources. We can calculate exactly the optimal duration of the irrigation pulse, adapt to the climatic situation thanks to geolocation, and achieve a higher performance.

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