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This reference document is the result of four years of intense discussion about the main subjects related to irrigation and fertigation of intensive crops, with deep focus in greenhouses technology.

Considerable effort was made to ensure that the Fertigation Bible is as comprehensive as possible. Various members of the FERTINNOWA project, from 23 organisations from 10 countries, have worked on this document to describe the most commonly-used and promising technologies that are commercially available or are expected to be so in the near future.

Each technology is described in terms of:

  • Purpose/aim of the technology
  • Regions, crops and cropping systems where it is used
  • Working principle of operation
  • Operational conditions
  • Cost data
  • Benefits for the grower – advantages and disadvantages
  • Technological, socio-economic and regulatory bottlenecks and limitations
  • Techniques resulting from this technology
  • Supporting systems required
  • Development, i.e. if it is in a research or development stage, or has been commercialised
  • Who provides the technology

The Fertigation Bible is a summary of the most innovative fertigation technologies and practices.

Download the document following this link: The Fertigation Bible

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